Simplifying networking and cybersecurity for the energy edge

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*Customers are not forced to replace existing components. Can shed layers over time, based on comfort level.

Traditionally, connecting to assets in the field is perceived as a sunk cost. Point solutions such as cellular gateways, network switches, and VPNs are purchased from various vendors and provide no real value beyond pushing data to the cloud.

Operant’s novel networking technology combines traditional hardware and software components, collapsing complexity and costs. More importantly, it offers data driven insights that increase uptime and operational efficiencies.

Enhance Network Visibility

Data-driven approach to monitoring your field assets

Secure Data Transport

Zero Trust security without impacting network performance

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Reduce complexity and cost, while increasing uptime


Secure Energy Edge

Communications Gateway + Network Switch + Cybersecurity Toolset combined into a single off-the-shelf device.

Our goal is to make the jobs of a field technicians and network analysts as easy and painless as possible. Our integrated solution enables fast and easy onsite installation.

Additionally, it provides O&M teams the information they need to make informed decisions and set priorities remotley.


Secure Energy Enterprise

Intelligence at the edge, authority in the cloud.

Large enterprise customers are faced with integrating extremely complex and often fragile network systems that can consist of both old and new infrastructure, and overlap operational and cybersecurity departments.

Operant’s mission is to reduce the network cost and complexity for critical infrastructure sites.

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