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OPN Connect™ 

Secure-by-Design software layer

Decentralization and digitalization trends are creating an increasingly unique set of challenges for Operational Technology (OT) teams. Implementing solutions developed for traditional IT use-cases often results in overly costly and complex architectures. Forcing customers to choose between reliability, security, and cost.

OPN Connect is a secure-by-design software layer that can be added to existing network servers, virtual machines, or on edge gateways.


Allows for multi-path communications without the need for complex fail-over controls as found in costly SD-WAN solutions. When packets pass across redundant links:  ‘fastest packet wins’ ensures both resiliency and lowest latency.


Each data packet is signed, encrypted, and authenticated. Allowing for each transaction to be verified before being processed. Thwarting attempts by malicious actors who may have gotten past perimeter defenses.


All communications are encrypted and kept private and only visible to trusted parties, certificates derive from a verified root of trust. Assisting with IT/OT/IoT convergence. Even across public wireless and cloud networks.


Can connect over ‘any link that can pass bit’. Additionally, can act as an overlay on existing networking infrastructure, making it easy to deploy on both greenfield and when dealing with complex legacy brownfield systems.

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 Multi-Party Trust

Simplifying secure remote access between people, systems, and machines. 

It’s a common problem in Operational Technology (OT) networks: How do you give users the access they need easily to assets in the field, without giving them more access than they should have, and for longer than they should have it?

Multi-Party Trust (MPT) uses a trust console to deploy user-defined policies out to assets in the field and to connects stakeholders while ensuring secure data segmentation.


MPT enables administrators’ assignment of roles to users and attributes to equipment through identity management services such as Active Directory. Once assigned, these can be synchronized to local Active Directories, allowing secure access when connectivity is lost.

Multiple Stakholders

Complex roles can be per job function across organizational departments, or even between organizations such as facility owners, third party contractors, or OEMs.

Can implment inteneral RBAC, ABAC and even PBAC company policies


Attributes can be per specified site with access restricted down to individual pieces of equipment on-site such as SCADA servers, PLCs, weather stations, historians etc. Access is time- bounded for one-off access or restricted to particular maintenance windows on a periodic basis.

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