Networks are complicated.
Securing them doesn't have to be.

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Our mission is to provide Operational Technology (OT) teams with solutions that simplify their increasingly complex worlds:

We feel you. Limited budgets, labor shortages, and increasing cyber risks. All while trying to embrace modern technology trends like cloud, IoT, and wireless in order to stay competitive.

We got you. With backing from DoD and DOE, Operant has developed a Data-Centric approach proven to radically reduce complexity, risks, and costs for OT network administrators.

Let’s go!

Secure Remote Access

Simplify access controls between machines, systems, and people.

Secure Data Transport

Segment data flows and authenticate all SCADA transactions

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Reduce complexity and cost, while increasing uptime


Simplify your cyber-life

Setup, configure, and troubleshoot sites and devices in minutes

OPN Connect™ enables users to quickly and easily manage sites, devices, and equipment. The intuitive interface allows even entry level analysts to setup, configure, and troubleshoot field assets.

Our data-centric approach provides customers with a foundational level of security and segmentation that is unparalleled, without the complexity of traditional solutions. Allowing them to:

  • Leverage modern technologies such as cloud and wireless
  • Mitigate cyber-risks
  • Assist with regulatory compliance

Remote Access Controls

Administer remote access for multiple stakeholders with a few clicks

Our Multi-Party Trust solution was developed given the demand for multiple stakeholders needing access to field equipment. With MPT, administrators now have the power to quickly and easily provide fine-grained access control for employees, partners, and even short duration time based policies. 

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